A unique sparkling white wine, from the Southern region of Spain, made by the finest Pinot Noir Grapes.  One of the driest non alcoholic white wines on the market today with a soft creamy texture.

Currently an Azanti's best seller, with a very low calorie count of just 9 Kcal.  Also a very good base ingredient to cocktails and recommended with our Gimber product or the Lyre's coffee original to make an espresso martini.  This is a great option for celebrations or events.

Grape Variety


Aroma & Flavour

Fruity, citrus blossom aromatics and freshly toasted aromas leading to delicious tangy citrus flavours.


On the palate, you get delicious flavours of fresh flowers, pear and green apple with a zing of lime. 

Pairing Suggestions

Pairs nicely with grilled chicken (smokey), goat cheese, seafood, sushi, tempura, prosciutto, caviar, anchovies and smoked salmon.

Nutritional & Technical information (per cup i.e. 125ML)

Alcohol content - 0.0%
Calories              - 9 Kcal
Total Fat             -  0 g
Added Sugar      - 0 g
Natural Sugar     - 2.1 g
Protein                 - 0 g
Calcium               - 15mg
Iron                      - 1.0 mg


Preferable between 8 to 10ºC.

Shelf-Life & Bottle Top

36 months from the date of bottling.  Bottle is corked.


Keep away from storing in sunlight and hot areas. Once opened, please keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.


Espora Sparkling White Pinot Noir

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