Our philosophy of social inclusion stems from a story that began in Central London. Home to a bustling corporate scene, extravagant staff parties and our founder, Azhar.

With a successful career in finance, Azhar has been no stranger to celebratory company events and the clinking champagne flutes that they’re often remembered for. Whilst these parties made him feel fully welcome, what Azhar struggled to get involved with at all was the drinking culture; popularised by the Western community and prohibited in Islamic teachings.

Like many other British Muslims, Azhar understood Western culture and the benefits of integration. But the fact that he couldn’t raise a toast with his friends (with something other than a glass of orange juice or flat cola) often played on his mind.

Over time, Azhar discovered the substantial lack of premium non-alcoholic wine and champagne in the market. For people who choose to stay sober for health and religious reasons, there were very few alcohol-free alternatives available.

Our founder and his practising Muslim wife, Tara then set off to find the perfect alcohol-free beverage. With first-hand experience of missing out on drinking opportunities whilst she managed mother and baby classes, Tara immediately resonated with Azhar’s idea of non-alcoholic alternatives, that could be enjoyed by non-drinkers at parties and events, too. According to the couple, this increasingly large part of the consumer market deserved better.

And so, Azanti was born. Initially representing French label, Domain Pierre Chavin, the company began offering exquisite non-alcoholic blends of red, white and rosé wine. In 2019 the company has expanded its range by offering Spanish wine and now branching in to Spirit, Mocktails and Specialist drinks. 

Now business partners, Azhar and Tara spent eighteen months researching wine, wine making and flavours. They sought advice from drinking friends, chefs and wine connoisseurs to ensure that they were introducing the highest quality product to the market.

All of Azanti’s products are certified as 100% Halal and some brands have even obtained Fatwas from Regent’s Park Mosque, London- meaning that the drinks are absolutely permissible for followers of the Islamic faith to consume. As Muslim themselves, it has been fundamental for Azhar and Tara that Azanti’s beverages don’t compromise on quality, flavour and most importantly, a person’s religious beliefs.

Less than a year since it’s official launch, Azanti’s products are already being enjoyed by consumers both within and outside of London; either at family dinner tables, corporate parties or some of London’s affluent cafes and restaurants.

Our Philosophy

At Azanti we promote social inclusion across a wider community. We believe that regardless of their religious beliefs and health requirements, every person deserves to feel involved and integrated, whilst enjoying high-quality flavours and ultimate peace of mind.

As a brand, we stand for more than just premium beverages. We encourage a positive lifestyle; one that helps bring family and friends together in a healthier, halal and all-round happier way.


Make memories with Azanti.