The Dealcoholisation Process

Azanti’s suppliers use the ‘spinning cone’ process?

The spinning cone method uses a combination of centrifugal force and nitrogen gas to separate and preserve a wine’s distinct flavours and aromas, during dealcoholization.

It is the fastest and most effective way of extracting all the alcohol from wine:

– Finished wine is fed into the top of a spinning cone column.
– The rotating cone uses centrifugal force (force generated from the centre) to transform the wine into a thin film.
– Nitrogen gas is fed into the bottom of the column; and when it meets the film, it extracts the wine’s flavours and aromas, and protects them from oxidization.
– The remaining liquid is passed through the column again, this time at a higher temperature, to remove the alcohol.
– The flavours and fragrances are recombined with the dealcoholized wine.