Our alcohol-free wines encourage healthier and happier lifestyles. As advocates of ‘social inclusion’ we are proud that Azanti’s beverages can be enjoyed by customers of any age or background.


Continue to indulge in the delicious flavours of wine whilst still looking after yourself and bump. with 0.0% alcohol, Azanti's blends are perfectly safe to enjoy for expecting mums.


Theres no need to compromise on you fitness goals with Azanti. Our Non-alcoholic blends allow you to enjoy a Glass (or 3) of wine as often as you like.

Under 18.

All flavours of Azanti's blends are just as indulgent as alcoholic wines. Containing 0.0% alcohol , now you can rase a glass with friends, family and join in on the celebrations


If you have recently decided to abstain from alcohol for health, religious or spiritual reasons then we would like to support you. Our 0.0% wine contains 100% flavour making your transition to a sober lifestyle much easier.


All of Azanti's non-alcoholic wines are 100% vegetarian and vegan; made without the use of animal or meat products. Our delicious blends will fit right in to your lifestyle and dietary requirements.


Prioritise health and a balanced diet whilst nursing your baby. not only do we promise 0.0% alcohol with all of Azanti's beverages, we guarantee depths of rich flavours, just as you would find in alcoholic blends.

Weddings & Celebrations.

Raise a toast with Azanti's non-alcoholic wine; a big step up from orange juice thats for sure!


Continue to enjoy the rich aromas of wine with you family and friends. Our non-alcoholic blends are perfect for social gatherings even as a pick me. An ally for the elderly - supports blood pressure and diabetes reduction plus full of antioxidants.


Now there's no need to feel disheartened if your health plan prevents you from consuming alcohol. Azanti's non-alcoholic wines are packed with rich flavours; just as you would find in any alcoholic blend. Supports strict diets by remaining low in calories whilst remaining full of antioxidants and other health benefits.