Beautiful bottle of Pierre Zero

"Collaboration with bespoke henna.
A beautiful bottle for weddings and other celebrations."

- Feedthelion and Halah Hangouts

Pierre Zero - The perfect dessert wine

"Pierre Zero dessert wine #apricot #honey"


The perfect custom wine bottle

"Thanks to @bespokehenna for this amazing @azantiuk custom wine bottle!"

Tastes just like red wine without the haram

The Grand Reserve basically tastes exactly like red wine if you ever wana know what it tastes like without the haram.


Steak and Mushroom pie!

Ramadan Series from @chef.nahid – Steak and Mushroom pie.

"Big shoutout to @azantiuk for the Pierre Zero Red Still drink. I used this for my onion gravy and the marinade for the chuck steaks! Go check them out for the best non-alcholoic experience!"


Masterchef Winner 2012 says thank you

Thanks @azantiuk for the most beautiful hand designed Henna bottle of bubbles to open today.

-Shelina Cooks - Masterchef Champion 2012

That Monday evening feeling

"At last ….. that Monday evening feeling with my bottles of wine from @azantiuk. Oh and yes …. they are some of the best halal wines we have come across in Britain!"


This was awesome!

"This was awesome. I enjoyed it a lot more than the red wine. Fragrant, bubbly, not too sweet, and refreshing! @AzantiUK"