Available in Sparking wine Blanc de Blancs made from Chardonnay, the nose gives citrus and white fruit aromas. With a lively acidity, this is a full-bodied wine with a long finish.

Discover one of the lowest calories wine on the market.

Tasting notes:
Golden yellow in colour, brilliant with just a hint of sparkle. Fruit forward palette balanced with a delicate freshness.
0.0% vol
Grape Variety:


Storage temperature:
Constant, between 10 to 12 Celsius
Serving temperature:
8 to 10 celsius
8 to 10 celsius
Origin - Blend of Diverse wines from South of France.
Soil - Great diversity.
Climate - Mediterranean.
Why this wine is an excellent choice:
This beautiful blend embodies lightness, crisp undertones and bursts of wonderful flavours. This is the go to drink for diabetic or health conscious drinkers.

Harvest is made overnight to take advantage of the lowest temperatures (between 2 to 6 am). Slow and gentle press followed by a cold temperature fermentation in stainless steel tank (between 15 to 18°). Second fermentation with ageing on fine less during 2 months.

Silhouet Light Sparkling Chardonnay

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