A perfect balance of floral aromas with mango and melon standing out.  Smooth feeling in your mouth leaving a sweetness with citrus hints of orange peel.

This drink presents an in-mouth density, which is combined nicely with the freshness of a lasting and silky passing with an aftertaste of beautiful ripened fruit. It is an ideal drink for consumption at home during everyday life and pairs nicely with daily meals or even fast food.  Tastes lovely when combined with an aperitif or can be enjoyed alone.


100% Chardonnay


It is a bright, clean and luminous drink, which has a pale yellow colour with green tones.


An elegant balance between floral and fruit aromas, with aromas such as mango or melon standing out. Smoky notes and a grassy base can also be perceived. After a light aeration, a burst of aromas which remind us of ripened.  Fruit and different vegetable aromas appears.

Tasting Notes

Structured, balanced and elegant in the mouth. Feels smooth when passing through the mouth, leaving a sweetness with acidic and citric hints of orange peel. This drink presents an in mouth density, which is well-combined with the freshness of a lasting and silky passing with a sustained finish. The after taste is replete with memories of ripened fruit.

Pairing Suggestions

It was created for consumption at home, to accompany everyday life. It can be ideally paired with daily meals, even the fast food of life nowadays. It can also be combined with an aperitif or can be enjoyed alone while waiting for a meal.

Nutritional & Technical (per cup i.e. 125ml)

Alcohol content - 0.0%
Calories              - 9 Kcal
Total Fat             -  0 g
Added Sugar      - 0 g
Natural Sugar     - 2.1 g
Protein                 - 0 g
Calcium               - 15mg
Iron                      - 1.0 mg


Shelf life

36 months from the date of bottling.  Cork bottle top.


Protect from sunlight. Once opened, please keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.


Espora Chardonnay White - Still

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