Intense bright yellow. elegant mouth filled with perfectly integrated perfumes, balance and freshness.

Its light sparkle and full flavour is guaranteed to make an impression on guests, at any dinner party or event.

Tasting notes:
This chardonnay based Prosecco boasts citrus flavours, with undertones of butter, vanilla and oak. Classically white in colour, and with an intense shines, the Blanc de Chavin's sparkle makes it an all-round refreshing and zesty beverage.
0.0% vol
Grape Variety:
Storage temperature:
Constant, between 10 to 12 celsius
Serving temperature:
8 to 10 celsius
8 to 10 celsius
Origin - France
Soil - Great variety
Climate - Mediterranean
Why this wine is an excellent choice:
It is carefully packaged in a high-quality casket and is perfectly presented as a small gift, enjoyed at any time of day or as a baking ingredient.

Harvest is made overnight to take advantage of the lowest temperatures (between 2 to 6 am). Slow and gentle press followed by a cold temperature fermentation in stainless steel tank (between 15 to 18°). Second fermentation with ageing on fine less during 2 months.

Perle Blanc de Chavin

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