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A collection of our finest Spanish Red wines.

Bella Vida

With Cabernet Sauvignon, an intense dark red colour, this elegant and full-bodied wine has Collagen which has known benefits in health and beauty.  A well-structured, soft and gentle tannins and a long balanced finish.

It has aromas of black and red fruits with a hint of floral.  The wine has a full and rich body with balanced acidity. The wine flavours are plum and cherry, roasted coffee beans and spices.

Espora Red

Espora Zero Red is a non alcoholic wine, imported from the Southern region of Spain, made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, with 0% alcohol and No added sugar.

Espora Zero has 80% less calories compared to traditional wines and, with known benefits of antioxidants, it is an ideal candidate for those who want to drink healthily and keep fit.  This wine can also be used as a cooking wine where alcohol free is a preference.

Cherry red, with strong intensity and violet tones. It reflects light, indicating clarity and demonstrating a clean appearance.

A sweet, fruity aroma with hints of Cabernet variety.  It presents a fragrant bouquet, signalling it's aromatic complexity. Among these the smell of mature red fruits stand out with final scent of coffee. The combination harmonised with subtle hints of oak.

A deliciously sweet drink with a slight distinguishable tannin - a dry bitter dry sensation - makes this drink light and pleasantly agreeable.  The tannins are soft without spikes and heighten the passage through the mouth with a medium, pleasant after taste.

Espora Fitness 

This delicious red wine is unique because along with it being Alcohol Free, it is also Sugar Free and Low in Calories.  It is the ideal choice for anyone who is health conscious and still wants to experience the joy of good red non alcoholic wine as part of their healthy diet plan.

There is already much information out there about the known benefits of antioxidants in wine, which have been taken into account by Espora when developing this one.

This wine also demonstrates the polyphenols present, which also have links to goodness.  Espora have carried out market research which demonstrates how many men and women, especially the younger generation, are going to the gym more regularly and have concluded that this alternative is much required.

Nicely bodied, with a deep ruby colour.  It has an aroma of mixed berries and notes of fresh red currants with blackberry.  A bright wine with flavours of currant, cassis and plum, plus a hint of herbs.  It is nicely structured and has a light acidity.  The wine has a soft and gentle tannins with flavours of plum, cherry, roasted coffee beans and spices.



Customer Reviews

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Kamel Abdulla

Absolutely fantastic best flavors of wine I would recommend friends and family to get

Michael Scott

Have to say I was very disappointed with the general taste of the three bottles. All were very sweet and one had a lot of sediment.
Based on this experience I would not buy again.

Graham Ives

Very enjoyable

Espora Reds Pack
£24.75 £27.50

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