Another Jam Packed Stand for Azanti, at the Eid Festival London

Another Jam Packed Stand for Azanti, at the Eid Festival London

Azhar Paul

Westfield Shepherd’s Bush was home to the country’s biggest Eid celebration last month. Sponsored by Wahed Invest, Tariq Halal and Red Henna, the Eid Festival London brought the best of music, art, and mouth-watering food and drink to attendees from all over the country, over a two-day period.

Bringing the party to life (as usual) was Azanti. To our absolute delight, our stand was jam-packed with thirsty punters, who were enjoying samples of our alcohol-free wine and purchasing bottles to gift to loved ones or as a treat for themselves.

Here’s a round up of yet another successful event for Azanti and our valued customers.

Getting to Know Our Favourite People
After the roaring success of past events that we’ve recently attended, this time at the Eid Festival London, Azanti had all hands on-deck. With professional waiters, our blogger Neely Khan and husband and wife team Azhar and Tara promoting the benefits of Azanti’s beverages, samples glasses were practically flying off the table.

What’s great about events like the Eid Festival, is that they give us the chance to speak to our customers, first-hand. As we’d hoped, our certificate of Fatwa (approval of being 100% by Regents Park Mosque) caught the attention of a number of people, many of whom were impressed by our due-diligence and attention to fundamental Islamic beliefs.

For those who needed further clarification about the dealcoholisation process and what makes Azanti’s wines 100% halal, our founder Azhar was at-hand to answer all questions. The team were overwhelmed by the positive response Azanti’s brand had received from both the Muslim and non-Muslim market; in fact, many customers insisted that the non-alcoholic wines should be stocked at high-street supermarkets, too.

From Samples, to Near Sell-Outs
From the get-go, passers-by were lured in by the rich shades of burgundy, shimmering gold and turquoise blue that graced Azanti’s stand. Festival attendees of all backgrounds and ages (including young children) enjoyed samples of our alcohol-free blends, with the Perle Blue de Chavin being the most popular.

Our blogger, Neely Khan spoke to father of four, Jamil Lodhi who’d tried our Grande Reserve (red) for the first time:

“I like it. I’ve never tried wine before; you have to get used to the taste, don’t you? But I like it. It’s good to see modern businesses filling a gap in the Muslim market. I’m thinking of buying a bottle for my daughter’s graduation now.”

Jamil (who’s actually never tried wine before) later returned to the stand with his wife, to purchase a bottle of Azanti’s Grande Reserve, for their daughter’s graduation celebration.

The team also spoke to several other practising Muslims, who loved Azanti’s ethos of social inclusion and equality. A young college student had this to say:

“It’s cool because when I go out with my friends, some of us always wonder what it’d be like to drink. But of course we never try because we’re Muslim. This will give us a chance to feel like we fit in, too. And the drinks actually taste great, too!”

What’s better is that a number of customers also pointed out the convenience of cooking with Azanti’s non-alcoholic beverages, for recipes that usually include wine (such as meat stews and gravy). As usual, we were delighted by all the positive feedback and interest that we’d generated. It’s wonderful to see Azanti’s brand story being valued by so many.

Don’t go Anywhere; This is What We Have Coming Up…
The value for us doesn’t simply lie in “selling bottles”; for Azanti, it’s about promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle- which is why we work hard to attend the right events and partner up with industry leading experts.

In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that the last Eid Festival London saw Azanti’s products being endorsed by the “Great British Halal Chef” Hamza, head chef and owner of HS&Co Restaurant in Stratford.

Soon to be seen on the Islam Channel, UK and several other exciting platforms, Hamza is an acclaimed chef who specialises in gourmet, halal dining. He took the stage at the Eid Festival, London and cooked with Azanti’s non-alcoholic wines, after explaining what a huge fan he is of our products.

Peach and Mascapone with Grand Reserve White, cooked by Hamza HS & Co

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll cover Hamza’s recipes, his professional insights about cooking with alcohol-free wine and is views about the future of halal dining.

You won’t want to miss this.